Big Fur
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Big Fur

77 mins | United States | 2020

Director: Dan Wyne
Producer: Mark Gardiner, Jon Niccum, Dan Wayne
Screenwriter: Karen Everett, George Langworthy
Cast: Ken Walker, Amy Carter, Antonio Alfero, Larry Blomquist, Mike Judd, Dawne L'Hirondelle, Robert M. Pyle, George Roof, Ken Walker Sr., Chantelle Walker, Colette Walker, Jim Walker, Patrick Walker
Release Year: 2020
Language: English (United States)
Subtitle: English (United States)
Country: United States
Genre: Documentary

"Big Fur" is a wry portrait of an eccentric artist-hero, immersed in his defining project. Taxidermist Ken Walker has an unshakable belief that eventually he’ll find true love. Or the hairy, 800-pound validation of his life’s quest. Can he find both while building a life-sized version of Bigfoot?