Cat Sticks
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Cat Sticks

94 mins | India | 2019

Director: Ronny Sen
Producer: Tanaji Dasgupta ,Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas ,Theodore Shivdasani
Screenwriter: Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas, Ronny Sen
Cinematographer: Shreya Dev Dube
Cast: Tanmay Dhanania, Joyraj Bhattacharya, Sumeet Thakur, Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas
Release Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (India)
Subtitle: English (United States)
Country: India
Genre: Drama

On a rainy night in Calcutta a group of desperate addicts chase brown sugar, but the permanent intoxication they seek proves elusive. Cat Sticks weaves their stories into a chiaroscuro, traverses with them through states high and low, spaces real and unreal. A relentless downpour plays backdrop to lives balanced on the precarious heights of addiction. Some of them seek a release, while others do not seem to want the night to end.