Walls of Sand
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Walls of Sand

106 mins | United States | 1994

Director: Erica Jordan
Producer: Erica Jordan and Shirin Etessam,
Screenwriter: Shirin Etessam and Erica Jordan
Cinematographer: Erica Jordan
Cast: Shirin Etessam, Jan Carty Marsh, Benjamin Marsh, John Evans, Ulysses, Nadia Soltan-Kashefi
Release Year: 1994
Language: English (United States),Persian (Iran)
Subtitle: English (United States)
Country: United States
Genre: Drama

“Walls of Sand,” directed by Erica Jordan, is notable for being the first contemporary feature film to be available in its entirety on the internet. The story follows a unique friendship between an Iranian student struggling to get a green card (played by Shirin Etessam, who co-wrote and co-produced the film) and an agoraphobic mother locked in a bitter custody battle. Ms. Jordan shot the film in a moody black-and-white, reflecting the monochromatic worlds of its leading characters, and carefully charted their growing common bond which eventually liberated the women from their respective emotional prisons.